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New High-Tech Automatic Pinsetter Machines

Murrey’s Energy Efficient - MGM-5000 Pinsetters offer extensive safety guards front, rear and sides. Emergency power off switches on both the front and rear service areas offer a safer working environment for employees and lower insurance costs.

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MGM-5000 Pinsetters


Murrey Green Machines 

New Advanced Program Logic Controls

Our Program Logic Controller features state-of-the-art electronics and reliable computer control. Advanced mechanical and robotic functions offer fewer machine stops, less labor and more dependable operation.

Murrey MGM-5000 Pinsetter Machines Carry a Full One Year Warranty On All Parts And Assemblies

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Safety plexiglass center viewing panels provide extra protection for mechanics while viewing pinsetter functions from the rear. Emergency stop switches centrally located for power off.

New Energy Efficient Pinsetter Machines

Save up to 45% on Electrical Consumption with

Our New Energy Efficient Electric Motors

MURREY MGM-5000 Pinsetter Machines have been tested and officially approved by the USBC  (United States Bowling Congress) for use in league, tournament , and world competitions.

USBC Tested and Approved