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MML-3000™ Synthetic Bowling Lanes

  1. Consistent Higher Scoring

  2. Rich Maple Wood Finish

  3. A Full 7/16” Thickness

  4. 5’ Wide Approach Panels

  5. Easy-Slide Textured Approach

  6. MML-3000 Lifetime Warranty

  7. Glow-in-the-Dark Lane Finish

Our MML-3000™ Rich Maple Wood Finish Synthetic Bowling Lanes Always Look New

MURREY MML-3000 Synthetic lanes Boomerang Glow-in-the-Dark under black lights

Best Bowling Lane Warranty in the Industry

MURREY MML-3000™ synthetic bowling lanes are the #1 choice of bowling center owners and managers around the world. Play our short video (downloads & videos) to learn why thousands of satisfied customers speak so highly about their own experiences purchasing MURREY MML-3000 Synthetic Bowling Lanes and how pleased they are with our products, installations and after-sale services.

Super-Tuf™ Lane Components are all available for new bowling alley construction or modernizations. Most of our lane components are designed and engineered to utilize recycled composite materials.

Murrey Bowling is proud to have been selected by the world famous Pro Bowler Don Carter and Bowling Proprietors Association President Joe Schumacker to install our MML-3000 synthetic bowling lanes at the prestigious Don Carter All Star Lanes in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This is a 64 lane center that is a very high lineage house managed by Mr. Mike La Croix.

Don Carter’s All Star Bowl - 64 Lanes in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

What Do Bowling Center Managers

Say About Murrey Synthetic Lanes ?

Manager Mike La Croix - Don Carter’s 64 Lane Center

  1. Anti-Skid High-Tech Pin Decks

  2. Uses Less Lane Oil Dressing

  3. Minimal Maintenance Costs

  4. Saves on Insurance Costs

  5. Always Look Like New Lanes

  6. Replaces Any Old Style Lane

  7. USBC Approved & Sanctioned

World's Best Bowling Lanes

USBC Approved for League and Tournament Play

Murrey International utilizes recycled wood products in the construction of bowling centers including the foundation I-beam materials and bowling lane substrate materials.

We no longer use maple wood and pine wood trees, instead we have developed a proprietary synthetic bowling lane surface that utilizes phenolic materials to replace the need for cutting down trees to make wooden lanes. Our synthetic lanes never need re-sanding and coating with dangerous high VOC varnish and lane coatings required for wooden lanes.

Older wooden lanes are prepared for new synthetic lane materials by removing old damaged sections of the approach and lane head section. The approach areas are sanded and leveled. This step is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to properly prepare the lanes. Other competitors skip this important step to help save labor costs but beware of these sub standard practices - it will cost you  much more a few years later. The old wood foundation is re-secured and leveled using high tensile strength screws (not nails that work loose).

The head and approach areas are then replaced with new high density manufactured board that will provide an absolutely level approach and lanes head area to prevent any future lane damage. Each panel is leveled and screwed (not nailed) to the foundation

New MML-3000 Synthetic Lane Sections are added over the existing wood lanes, approach, and fill sections. Ball lift areas are cut and fit to size.

New Ball Returns, New Gutter Bumpers, and new Glow capping are installed.

Murrey MML-3000™ Synthetic Lanes have been tested and approved by USBC for league and world-wide competitions

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Steve Varner - Classic Lanes - 32 Lane Center - Newport News, VA

Murrey Bowling is proud to have been selected by Steve Varner to modernize his 32 lane bowling center with MML-3000 synthetic lanes.

Listen to the testimonial Steve offers concerning Murrey’s products and professional installation crews.

How do Murrey Synthetic Lanes Score?

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MURREY MML-3000 Synthetic lanes Boomerang Glow-in-the-Dark Approach and Lane

MURREY MML-3000 UV Glow Stripe Pattern Glow on 9 Boards from foul line to pin deck