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Used Parts and Equipment

Murrey International offers new and used parts for AMF and Brunswick Pinsetter Machines. These parts are subject to availability and are all available on a first come-first serve basis. Contact our sales staff with any parts requirement you may have for current costs and availability.

Used Equipment Packages

Occasionally, when an older bowling center is closing, we contract to remove the equipment from the location. This creates an opportunity for customers to purchase used capital equipment on an “as is” basis at an economical cost.

If you are considering purchasing a used equipment package, call our sales staff and we will be pleased to work with you in order to attempt to locate a suitable package for your requirements.

Call our sales staff at 800 421-1022 for more information.

MURREY Rebuilt Original Brunswick A2 Pinsetter Machines

Includes A Comprehensive Full 1 Year Warranty on All Major Parts

Murrey Factory rebuilt A2 machines

are fully remanufactured utilizing the most up to date high-technology pinsetter  mechanical and electrical components. New motors, belts, bearings, pulleys, and high-wear parts are meticulously tested and then assembled by factory trained technicians.

All machines are performance tested prior to final packaging for shipment to the job site.

All of Murrey’s factory rebuilt A2 pinsetter machines carry a full 1 year warranty on all major parts.

MURREY Refurbished AMF 82-90XL Pinspotter Machines

Murrey Bowling also offers our factory refurbished AMF 82-90XL Pinspotter Machines utilizing the latest in high-technology bowling industry engineering and design. These units are the perfect replacement for worn out older style AMF pinspotter machines. Shipped complete with down sweeps, kickbacks and PBL ball lifts.

24 Lanes Complete - Used AMF Pinspotters

Complete Equipment Package

AMF 82/70 Pinspotters, Murrey MML-3000 Synthetic Lanes,

Auto Scoring with LCD Monitors,  Balls, Shoes, Pins, Spare Parts, etc.

Call for Prices delivered to your location

Email: sales@murreybowling.commailto:sales@murreybowling.comMurrey_Bowling_Equipment_Manufacturers_and_General_Contractors.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

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spare parts, lane oiling machines and bowlers lockers

Well Maintained AMF 82/70 Pinspotter Machines

Newer (Approx 5 years old)  Murrey MML-3000 Synthetic Lanes

Beautiful 24 Lane Bowling Center - all Equipment to be removed - Now Available!

Auto Scoring System with LCD Monitors

Newer style Ball Hoods and Racks

10 Lane Package - Brunswick Equipment

GSX™ Pinsetters - Pro-Anvilane™ Synthetic Lanes

Brunswick late model GSX Pinsetters, Pro-AnvilLane Synthetic Lanes, Big Screens with projectors, LED Lightworx™ LED Lane Lighting, Automatic Bumpers, Sofas, Tables, Frameworx™ Auto Scoring with overhead Monitors,  Many spare parts and accessories included  - Balls, Shoes, Pins, Spare Parts,

complete I-Beam Foundation Materials, Call for Prices delivered to your location

Ready for Immediate Shipment!

Upscale 10 Lane Brunswick Late Model - Complete Package

10  Brunswick Pro-Anvilane™ Synthetic Lanes

Lanes Glow under Black Lights

Brunswick GSX Pinsetters

Includes Big Screens & Projectors