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The Ultimate  Wii™  Bowling Simulator Experience

Murrey Bowling now offers a unique addition to your Nintendo Wii™ game with our Ultimate bowling set including a giant 8' high x 10' wide wall mounted  Murrey BigScreen™ with high contrast professional quality viewing, a 3500 Lumens commercial quality HD overhead projector, a regulation Murrey Ball return with 8 plastic full size bowling balls, 4 sections set of Murrey Comfort-Curve™ Bowler's sofas in your choice of fabric finishes, a 10' wide x 16' long bowling lane surface with realistic regulation maple wood lanes including foul lines, down lane arrows and much more!

We add a 8' high x 16' wide wall graphic along with our exclusive bowling pin cocktail table and you've got the most realistic bowling simulator available anywhere!

Contact our sales offices today for full information and pricing on the Ultimate Wii™ Bowling simulator experience from Murrey International.

Perfect Size for Home Basements, Game Rooms, Private Clubs

The 8' tall x10' wide screen gives you the feeling you are really in a bowling center watching your ball go down the lane for a perfect strike!

Commercial or Private Use - Amusement centers, Game Arcades, Bars, Pizza Places, Taverns,, Bowling Centers, Hotels, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Parks and Recreation, Colleges, Senior Centers, and more.

Wii™ Bowling Simulator

Here is what is included in the complete unit

8' High x 10' Wide Life Sized Screen is just like you are in a real bowling center

Realistic Bowling for all age groups - Kids, Teens, Parents, & Grandparents

Set of CC-200 Bowlers sofa seats with Bowler's cocktail table

1 MBR-4000 Regulation Ball return and Hood with 9 light weight prop bowling balls.

2 Bowling sidewall graphics measuring 8' high x 16' wide

comes in 4' wide self adhesive rolls for easy application to walls.

4 Murrey Regulation Bowling lane panels - each 42" wide x 8' Long

Makes 2 lanes 16' long overall - each lane is 42" wide

1 High Contrast 8'x10' professional screen with metal frame

1 high resolution 3500 lumens projector with ceiling mount hardware

A 4 year old bowls with a Wii  remote unit in his right hand sensing movement of his hand.

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