New Bowling Center Construction

MURREY Builds The World’s Best Bowling Centers



Next time you’re in the Los Angeles area, stop in and see the all new 50,000 square foot latest “X – Lanes” location featuring 24 New Murrey Regulation Bowling Lanes with Energy Efficient MGM-5000Murrey Pinsetter machines, Lane Luminator™ LED Murrey LaneFX™ “Earth Friendly” lighting,Murrey Rock&Wow™ Video and sound systems and much more!



Murrey Bowling Equipment is the ONLY choice for truly UPSCALE New Bowling Centers like QUARTERS BOUTIQUE BOWLING CENTER Murrey Crews recently installed in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area.

5 New bowling alley construction begins with the I-Beam foundation installation utilizing precision laser leveling for accuracy and strategic placement of foundation materials. The entire I-beam foundation is completely assembled and leveled prior to bowling alley lane assembly. The I-beam materials are made of large size recycled wood chips and wood strands.

New 36 Lane Murrey Installation Tokyo, Japan – Completed in 60 Days

6 Murrey International utilizes recycled wood products in the construction of bowling centers including the foundation I-beam materials and bowling lane substrate materials.
7 We no longer need to use the wood from maple and pine wood trees. Instead, we have developed a proprietary synthetic bowling lane surface that utilizes high-tech phenolic materials to replace the need for cutting down trees to make wooden lanes.

Our synthetic lanes never need sanding and coating with dangerous high VOC varnish and lane coatings required for wooden lanes.

8 New bowling alley construction requires subway ball returns, capping framing and bowling alley lane substrate materials installed and leveled once again just prior to placement of the synthetic lane top surfaces.


After automatic pinsetters are rolled into position and mounted, the new synthetic lane surface is mounted to the existing substrate lane. Precision leveling is now done to insure lanes are level.

10 Murrey MGM-5000 New Pinsetters are Earth Friendly saving up to 45% of the electricity used by older pinsetting machines.
11 Murrey MGM-5000 Pinsetter Machines have been tested, sanctioned, and approved by the United States Bowling Congress for League and Tournament Competitions.
12 Masking unit front panels (left) or BigScreen™ Masks (below) Masking Unit Stanchions are installed with Ultra-brite Screens and 3200 Lumens overhead HDTV projectors for super bright Video effects even in daylight.
13 Once the lanes are installed, the computer scoring system, ball return units, bowlers seating, ball rack combo tables, and LCD scoring monitors are installed to complete the process.


Action Lanes – El Monte, California – 32 Lanes


United States Air Force Base – Yokota, Japan – 26 Lanes


Viejas Casino Bowl – San Diego, CA – 12 Lanes


Red Pin Bowling Lounge – Oklahoma City, OK – 12 Lanes


CK Bowl – Tokyo, Japan – 36 Lanes


Big Rock Bowling Center- Espanola, New Mexico – 24 Lanes